What do you love MOST about your work and business?⁣ 🤔⁣
Does networking with other entrepreneurs get you motivated? Is social media your jam? Events? Emails? Everything??? I’ve learned that it’s important to focus on what really turns me on and if possible, delegate or hire out the tasks that drag me down. I used to think that as a graphic artist I HAD to also know website building as well as I do other areas of design. While I enjoy creating the visuals and content of a web page, there are aspects of it that make my brain bleed. So I partner with other amazing web designers who are rock stars and LOVE what they do. Then I can put my attention to making magic with art and language for exceptional branding and messaging.⁣
What about you? Do you struggle to write the content that’s in your head or design a postcard that looks as fun and inviting as your business? Let’s chat and see if I can fill in those gaps that you avoid or do half-assed. You’ll be surprised how much energy and enthusiasm you’ll have for the things that light you up.⁣ 💡⁣

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