What if you threw a party and nobody came? That’s what it feels like if no one knows what a great business you have. Make sure everyone gets the message by utilizing the right tools.

Here’s where the magic of combining design, content and the digital world comes to fruition. By identifying and implementing the right tools for your business, we’ll let the world see what you have to offer.

Marketing Packages
SMALL BIZ : BIG DREAMS Marketing options for the next level – DETAILS
Email Marketing Dynamic design and copy created in MailChimp
Advertising Campaigns Design and content for a print or digital sequence of ads for 4- to 12-week campaign
Social Media: Starting at $40/month, depending on number of social platforms, frequency and engagement

No two clients or projects are alike. Complimentary proposal and quotes available for all your marketing strategies, including Facebook and web advertising, press releases and more. Most work is quoted by project. Initial discussion is complimentary. Additional marketing consultation is $60/hour.

Not sure how to bring all the components together? Contact me today for a free proposal.

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