Vision 2020 – with a Glance Back

I’m of the school that believes we are beginning a new decade in 2020, if only because it sounds so cool and futuristic. Also because the previous decade was a wild, bumpy ride and I’m looking forward to, well, looking forward! I had to close my art gallery in 2009 and spent the next several years fighting a tremendous sense of failure, but also learning from my mistakes, I hope. Briefly, here are some of the highs and lows from the past 10 years:

  • Got back in the newspaper biz.
  • Won some awards.
  • Wrote a novel-length story that published online.
  • Made new friends and met some of them in Forks, “under a near-constant cover of clouds.”
  • I fell in love – hard.
  • Moved to Arizona.
  • Stepfather passed away.
  • I found a dream job.
  • Had my heart broken. Ouch.
  • My closest cousin took his own life.
  • Mom moved in with us.
  • My sweet nephew took his own life.
  • Sold my house in Colorado.
  • Took several fantastic trips with Lacy around CA, CO, NC, AZ.
  • New baby in the family – such joy!
  • Dad died suddenly.
  • Left dream job to begin my own venture.
  • Mom passed away (much too soon but on her terms).
  • I launched Suzu Creative.

Running through that, I see there was a lot of loss, but I can close my eyes and easily remember all the fun, triumphs, adventures – and gratitude. I’m thankful that my daughter and I are healthy, and that I’ve successfully committed to being there for her by working at home. I truly appreciate all the friends – old and new – that make up my solid support system. And I can’t wait to see what’s around the next corner.

Looking ahead to 2020, I’m already aware it’s going to be a year of significant change. In 2019 my business tangibly turned the corner from “I hope I can make this work” to “of course, this is going to be successful,” even if it didn’t always look like I originally envisioned. In fact, some major changes and choices at the end of the year has me mapping out an exciting new direction for Suzu that will include more writing, making art, and advocating for others in the creative sector. Stay tuned!

Personally, my little family is marking the year with big milestones. My baby graduates high school in May and I hyperventilate every time I think about it. My own high school will hold its 40th class reunion and I don’t understand how THAT happened in the blink of an eye! I’m making time to travel more this year, with plans on dividing my time between Arizona and Colorado in the near future now that a school district won’t determine where I live.

And of course, I hope the election in November brings about great change as well, but I’ll save my thoughts on that for Twitter or over multiple glasses of wine with friends.

Ultimately, my 2020 vision is focused on high hopes, new adventures, and making fulfilling connections. I think optimism is a choice and I will always choose to enthusiastically believe in the power of big magic, love, and the creative spirit. Join me, won’t you?


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