A Well-Read 2019

Before January ends I wanted to do a quick post to celebrate my love of language and storytellers in 2019. I must confess, when smartphones came out I joined millions of others who eschewed books for that hypnotic little screen. It had long been my habit to read before bed each night, but between Twitter, texting, emails and Words With Friends, my annual book count probably dropped to the single digits after 2010.

So embarrassing for someone who claimed to be an aspiring novelist.

In recent years I’ve made a concerted effort to read (and listen) to more books, explore genres outside of my comfort zone, and jump on recs from people whose taste I admire. Audio books were a godsend when I was commuting and I’m so appreciative that my local library offers an online app for audio versions, as well as eBooks. I’m a visual person so I love when an amazing narrator/performer elevates a story from the page to a vivid mind movie.

I will always schedule around Karin Slaughter and John Sandford new releases because nothing else gets done until the last page is turned. Christina Lauren is a romance writing machine that somehow creates new, individual and interesting characters with each new book. Jen Sincero and Brene Brown have articulately helped me steer my life and business these past two years. The last few pages of A Head Full of Ghosts scared the holy crap out of me!

I heard of a funny podcast about murder but I don’t do podcasts. So knowing nothing, I listened to the hosts’ book when it came out and then proceeded to binge three years of My Favorite Murder in mere weeks. Books – the gateway drug to podcasts??

Below is the mostly complete list of books I consumed last year. Lots of thrillers, romance, personal growth and a few memoirs. The majority are written by women and I’m committed to including more diversity in the line-up this year. I thoroughly enjoyed most of them, however there are stars to indicate my personal favorites. Please, let me know in the comments any titles you think that I MUST read in 2020!

2019 book list

4 Comments on “A Well-Read 2019

  1. I just finished Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter! It was the first book of hers I’ve read, and I think I may look out for more of her books to read now 🙂


    • She writes very viscerally so if you could handle Pretty Girls, you’ll enjoy all of her books. I got started with the Grant County series and now read everything she puts out. I’ve also met her in person and she’s a doll. Thanks for commenting and have a great week!

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      • Yes, I know what you mean about her visceral language. I coped with Pretty Girls (I think I’ve read even gorier stuff when I think about it – not that I really enjoy gore lol) so I think I’ll manage her other books. Oh wow, cool! I’ve never met any authors 😅

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      • I’m lucky there are a few great independent bookstores here in AZ that host authors all the time. Keep your eyes open in your community. Even libraries sometimes hold events and such.

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