Don’t just find your purpose, create it!

Last summer I celebrated one year of Suzu Creative and knew I wanted to find some kind of mastermind or program to help me fully clarify my business goals and provide a circle of support and professional knowledge.

Serendipitously, Quinn Tempest – a vivacious business coach and bright ray of sunshine on Instagram – launched just such a group and invited me to join the inaugural beta program! It has been an amazing experience of education, friendship, sharing purpose, and much more. Quinn has trademarked Create Your Purpose™ because that is her passion – helping people MAKE their path, not just find it. She has opened the collective to new members and I encourage you to check it out if you’re forging a new business, improving on an existing one, or trying to figure out what to do with your side gig that brings you joy. I know I’m looking forward to benefiting even more from Quinn’s expertise as well as that of dozens of smart, funny, wonderful women in business. Hurry, though! Registration closes this Friday.

Hit me up if you have specific questions – here’s her link to check out…

Fantastic photo shoot by Delight in the Desert Photography 😍

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