Has Anyone Seen My Attention Span?

How are you doing?

Who knew six weeks ago this would be such a loaded question, right?
In just the past couple months:
Art festival season was in full swing in Arizona.
I joined a local writer’s group.
My “little girl” turned 18 and was looking forward to graduation in May.
I had a fabulous singer/songwriter scheduled for a house concert at the end of March.
A collage/journal workshop was on the calendar, and so forth and so on…
Then, suddenly our lives were turned upside down in what seemed like a matter of days.
Even though I already worked from home most days and consider myself an optimist, the past month totally knocked the wind out of me. Anyone else is in a similar, overwhelmed headspace?
Sure, I have more time now but my creative muse has left the building. My attention span seems to have vanished along with happy hour dates, summer concerts, and even hugs. My art supplies are collecting dust and incomplete sentences litter my writing like…
I’m sorry, what was I saying…?
The one thing I know, as the days pass it will be easier to get through to the other side of this crisis if we stay connected and supportive. I have been moved by such wonderful displays of community, generosity and outreach in our neighborhoods, from our schools and teachers, at the local essential stores and restaurants, and more.
For my part, I’ll be highlighting the talents of creative individuals who can’t share their gifts in the usual capacity right now – artists, musicians, writers, etc. I will post on my blog two or three times each week so if you’re interested, please follow for a small virtual showcase.
Meanwhile, you’ll find some people and resources below that have elevated my spirits in the past few weeks, providing much needed entertainment and inspiration. Enjoy, and reply to share your own feel-good finds.

For now, stay safe, stay home if possible, be well and wash your %#&* hands!

– Susan

• Follow Elizabeth Gilbert on Instagram for regular love and light. She also recorded an amazing piece about facing fear on the Insight Timer app.

• I’m head over heels for actress Mary Neely who is staying home while recreating musical numbers and costumed scenes from her favorite Broadway shows – all by herself! Check out her Twitter feed @mneelzy for ALL the joy.

• The Facebook page Viral MUSIC–Because Kindness Is Contagious is showcasing indie performers from all over the world. The live music is free but you can contribute to their digital tip jars whenever possible.

• The Getty Museum has challenged home-bound art lovers to recreate their favorite works with common things at their disposal. The results have been crazy fun and creative!

• One of my favorite people on Twitter, writer Chuck Wendig had a great post on his Terrible Minds blog last week that perfectly described how many of us feel.

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